About On Point Conveyancing.

On Point Conveyancing are industry leaders in professional and personalised conveyancing services. Our team specialises in Property Sales, Buying and Transfer of Title Conveyancing. When it comes to the legal processes surrounding property title changes, you can always count on On Point Conveyancing to have your back!

No matter what your conveyancing needs are, you can relax knowing that On Point Conveyancing has the back up legal support of the law firm Sinclair Legal.  Together, our team of conveyancers and lawyers, with over 50 years pf combined experience, can tackle any legal matter that may arise.  Ensuring that such matters can be dealt with promptly and efficiently to avoid any potential delays or costly complications in your transaction.

Simply because the entire legal process can be quite overwhelming, we are dedicated to helping you make sense of it all. Our clients are like family to us. By working with us, you can save time and money, stress less and come out with the best possible result. Working with you, we help negotiate your best possible terms.

We have expertise knowledge and skills to guarantee a smooth conveyancing process. You will love our open minded approach, to looking outside the box, evaluating and foreseeing all risks and opportunities.

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Who We Are.

We are based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney but our experience reaches far beyond our area having successfully transacted matters across Sydney and rural NSW. On Point Conveyancing experienced conveyancers are dedicated to their role who believe in helping our clients maximise their investment returns.

We look after our clients from start to finish with the same commitment and passion for excellence. Our principal Conveyancer, Christine Bray-Smith has over 20 years’ experience in the legal industry.  Christine is a fully Licenced Conveyancer specialising in Conveyancing, she is PEXA Certified and a member of the Australian Institute of Conveyancers.

About our Founder:
Christine Bray-Smith.

26 years experience working in the legal profession.

I’ve work in various areas of law through my career, whilst working in the Parramatta CBD, Far North Coast of NSW, London (UK), Sydney CBD and now settled in the Northern Beaches of Sydney in a small boutique firm.

My love and enjoyment is Conveyancing. My passion is Conveyancing. I love creating success stories for my clients.

Now principal licensee of my practice On Point Conveyancing – based in Mona Vale. However my Conveyancing practice is fully digital and can act on Conveyancing transactions anywhere in New South Wales.

My Clients love my mobile app. They can track their matter 24/7. Receive push notifications, SMS alerts and can receive documentation all through the mobile App.

The App is also accessible by the sales agents, buyers agents and brokers so everyone involved in the matter can see each stage of the process and be kept fully up to date of the progress of the matter.