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On Point Conveyancing will take out the complexity of buying a property and simplify the jargon so you feel confident with a complete understanding of the processes to secure your biggest investment

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At On Point Conveyancing we are determined to make your home buying experience an enjoyable one.  Relax knowing we will take care of all your concerns. We are passionate about ensuring you secure your dream property with full knowledge of all aspects of your purchase.

No Stress, Less Hassle.

Buying property is always exciting so, make sure you understand the process involved.  Understanding the legal process and your obligations can be quite overwhelming. This is where we come in…

We understand that it can be a race to secure that property so we are available after hours to review the Contract, negotiate better terms and to help you win the race.

Take advantage of our free initial Contract Review before you Bid at Auction or start negotiations to ensure you are aware of any pitfalls or potential risks; that the property meets with your requirements and to make sure your rights are protected.

On Point has got your back! We represent you in dealings to negotiate better terms to protect you and your investment – saving you time and money.

We ensure all due diligence is undertaken uncovering any hidden surprises. Our passion is making sure your buying journey is a happy experience and the process is undertaken in a timely and efficient manner.  Keeping the conveyancing costs and disbursements on point.

Our innovative approach using the latest technology keeps you to be up-to-date with all key stages of the process, using our mobile App and dedicated client portal keeps you fully informed every step of the way, with push notification alerts and real time progress updates.

Helping you with the Buying Process.

A licenced conveyancer can help you with the legal process involved in buying a property. Our services to facilitate property sales include:

  • Contract review – providing you with feedback of the review and allowing you to ask us about the fine print
  • Assist in making contract amendments if necessary – if there’s anything you would like changed in the contract, we can negotiate your requests with the seller’s conveyancer
  • Helping you with organising a deposit – depending on your purchase situation; a sale with or without an Conveyancer or an auction; you will need advice to make the right moves and organise your deposit. Auctions usually don’t have a cooling off period. It is important to understand all the conditions in the contract of sale before signing it.
  • Assist in exchanging contracts – once the contract has been signed by both parties, with your written authority, we can make the contract available to all relevant parties.

Note: These are services that we provide to help you purchase a property and it is NOT legal advice. Please contact us to discuss your specific situation.

  • Performing checks and searches on the property – organising searches and checks on a variety of issues including:
    • Property restrictions including building restrictions
    • Council requirements including whether a neighbour’s building is too close to your property
    • Whether the property is owned by the seller and they have the right to sell it
    • If there is an existing mortgage listed against that property, we will find out so that it can be removed.
  • Liaise with your bank – keeping them up to date to prepare for settlement
  • Helping with your Stamp Duty obligations – also helping you with the First Home Owners Stamp Duty Exemption if you’re eligible
  • Facilitating settlement – liaising with the real estate Conveyancer and your lender or bank to notify them once settlement has occurred. Once the settlement has been finalised we also notify council, strata and utilities of the change of title.

Note: These are services that we provide to help you purchase a property and it is NOT legal advice. Please contact us to discuss your specific situation.

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Download our App and Client Portal to so you get highest level of customer service.With our App you will clearly see each stage of your buying/selling process.Have, on-the-go tracking of the progress of your transaction. Quick and clear communication with SMS alerts and push notifications so you don’t miss any important key stage.

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