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The importance of engaging a Conveyancer.

Before you can sell your property, you must have a Contract of Sale prepared before the marketing of your property can commence. Contact us for rapid and concise Contract preparation, 24-48 hour turnaround* from receipt of your instructions.

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Making your Sale Transaction Simple and Secure.

On Point Conveyancing will ensure that your Contract is fully compliant with all the required documentation making sure that there is no forfeiture of your Sale. Coupled with our unrivalled industry and market knowledge guarantees the smoothest of sales. Every time.

Processing your Sale.

Selling your home can be a daunting thought.  Your wellbeing is our priority, making sure your sale is stress free and uncomplicated. 

With our specialist knowledge and learned expertise means we will help you achieve your desired outcome by setting special conditions specific to your sale ensuring your needs are met and all throughout the entire sale process runs smoothly.

Our client portal ensures you are kept connected and on point with every step of the transaction along with our genuine success rate transacting a successful sale speaks for itself.

We take all the stress out of the dealings/negotiations with potential buyers, negotiate to all terms and conditions to achieve your desired outcome.

Selling Property Process.

In order to list your property for sale, NSW law requires a contract of sale to be made available to potential buyers. This is where we come in…

A licenced conveyancer can help you with the legal process involved in buying and selling properties as well as transferring property title. Our services to facilitate property sales include:

  • Contract Preparation – including any special conditions you may wish to include and approval from governing departments (such as council)
  • Sign and Exchange contracts – pending the finalisation of negotiations, contracts will be signed and made available to all relevant parties including real estate agents and buyers conveyancer
  • Pre-settlement – Organising the transfer documentation and discharge of the mortgage
  • Settlement – notify council, strata, utilities and real estate agent; and finalise property documentation and payment

Note: These are services that we provide to help you sell your property and it is NOT legal advice. Please discuss your specific situation with us.

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Download our App and Client Portal to so you get highest level of customer service.With our App you will clearly see each stage of your buying/selling process.Have, on-the-go tracking of the progress of your transaction. Quick and clear communication with SMS alerts and push notifications so you don’t miss any important key stage.

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